The Kahuna rating is regularly updated by a panel of experts. The brokers and exchanges are set along the yardstick and the final score indicates to what extent you get value for money.

This is how we measure the following:

  • Reliability: they do what they promise, they are honest about the cost.
  • User- and user-friendliness: i.e. registration procedure, payment methods, speed of payout, app operation, wallet availability and operation.
  • Service and support: i.e. response speed, quality chatbot, presence live support, Issue support.
  • Stretch of the offer: i.e. number of Coins, extra functionalities
  • Purchase, sale and withdrawal prices

The Kahuna rating is as accurate and up to date as possible but of course it remains a snapshot and an opinion of the Kahuna experts. We are confident in our ratings but of course there can always be changes at the platforms that are not yet included in the weighing; service level can change, prices are adjusted and new features are put live.